Periwinkle's Journey
Periwinkle's Journey

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Periwinkle's Journey


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ISBN: 9781943198030

Periwinkle, a little blue penguin, takes a journey to Antarctica where she meets all of her penguin cousins. The smallest penguin of all, Periwinkle is not only shorter than her cousins, she is also blue. Hesitant at first, Periwinkle learns during her journey to be brave and realizes that it's not how you look on the outside, it's what's inside that matters.

Featuring the work of beloved illustrator Suzy Spafford, creator of Suzy's Zoo, and author Judy Petersen-Fleming, Periwinkle's Journey is dedicated to educating kids in a fun and whimsical way about animals in the wild, inspiring all of us to care more about the animal kingdom and the natural world we share.

Pages: 48
Dimensions: 9 x 12 inches, landscape
Age range: 4–8 yrs

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