Sloth's Treehouse Inn
Sloth's Treehouse Inn

Blue Sneaker Press

Sloth's Treehouse Inn


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ISBN: 9781943198139

Rising through the lush canopy of trees, the Treehouse Inn is a place where rainforest animals of the Amazon seek shelter and take it easy. Its very fine innkeeper, Santiago the sloth, always takes good care of each of his guests. From howler monkeys to butterfly chrysalises, Santiago seems to find the perfect spot for every animal among the branches and leaves. He fluffs their pillows at night, has teatime in the afternoon, and reads bedtime stories. But, with so many trees in the rainforest being cut down, more and more animals seek shelter at the Treehouse Inn. Santiago soon finds his inn is overcrowded, and all the animals begin to squabble. Can he find room for everyone? Or will he have to turn guests away?

Pages: 32
Dimensions: 10 x 8.5 inches, landscape
Age range: 4–8 yrs

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