Teaching Tornero: The True Story of a Sloth Superstar
Teaching Tornero: The True Story of a Sloth Superstar

San Diego Wildlife Alliance Press

Teaching Tornero: The True Story of a Sloth Superstar


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When Tornero the two-toed sloth was born at the San Diego Zoo, his wildlife care team knew his life would be special. Tornero would grow up to be a wildlife ambassador, just like his mother, Xena.  Wildlife ambassadors have a special job: they help teach people about the species and inspire people to care about animals and nature.

While Tornero was being raised by his mother, his wildlife care specialists taught him what he needed to know about being an ambassador: how to get used to new sights, smells, and sounds; how to be around groups of people; and even how to ride in a van nicknamed the Sloth Express. Making special appearances at places like schools, hospitals, and TV stations would be an important part of his ambassador duties! 

Once Tornero was old enough, he quickly became one of the most popular wildlife ambassadors at the Zoo, touching people’s hearts at every presentation. 

This is the true story of Tornero the sloth and how, with the help of his wildlife care specialists and his mother, he learned to become a wildlife ambassador―a superstar for sloths and wildlife around the world.  

This book is part of the Hope & Inspiration Series which includes Karen's HeartRuuxa & RainaFabulous Floyd, Mosi Musa, Saving Moka, and Raising Don. Get all the books to be truly inspired!

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